About Backcountry Gear Shack

Gear reviews, ‘best buys and more by a self-confessed outdoor gear geek. Add your thoughts about the gear you own to help build the knowledge bank!

Outdoor gear is highly technical and varies a lot in price, quality and ability to perform and whilst it can’t make you lose those extra pounds it can stop you getting lost, getting wet and under-performing.  I’ve hiked the GR11 in the Spanish Pyrenees, scaled a volcano / mountain or two, tested gear and sold plenty of it!  Quite frankly I could bore the living daylights out of pretty much anybody on the ins and outs of fabrics and outdoor kit so on this blog I’ll (try) and keep it short and sweet.  For the mountains – blunt is better.

You can buy your gear online

If you have any questions or are researching a new piece of gear for a trip to the outdoors then check out the reviews, or email me (livkelly@fastmail.fm) for some advice if you need it, I’ve used a lot of kit and worked in the trade for several years. Want to tell me and the world about your disgust/ love of a product? Then write a response or email me your review and let your views be known at the bottom of the blog. Off on a hike and want some info on the area? Drop me a line. Been on an epic journey, got a wicked blog? Link it to mine…easy!

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